Pet owners are becoming more aware of their pets’ nutritional needs which is why us at Charlie’s Bark Park are dedicated to providing your pet with the premium foods and products. We offer pet products at high quality and affordable prices. Benefits of using premium pet products are numerous; from healthier coats and improved skin condition to increased muscle growth. The foods we provide you with here at Charlie’s Bark Park are immune-boosting and help your pet stay healthier longer. We cover all of your pet’s nutritional needs; from the perkiest puppy to the classiest kitty, from premium brands of dry kibble to raw foods.

We consider our pets a part of our families which is why we want them to be with us as log as possible. The key to a long and healthy pet’s life is a great nutrition which we are dedicated to provide at Charlie’s Bark Park. This is the reason why we carefully choose our suppliers who are able to provide the best in nutrition and quality. We provide local treats made with local ingredients chosen with care and love for your pets. These are small local businesses just like us which look forward to making your pet a happy and healthy pet.

Here is the list of some of the products we carry in our boutique.